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The Transgressions of Isaiah 58 - The Chosen Fast
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The Transgressions of Isaiah 58 - The Chosen Fast
The Transgressions of Isaiah 58 - The Chosen Fast
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The foundation scripture Isaiah 58 is presented with fresh revelation as the prophetic scribe shares new treasure with the body in this 27-minute video.

The Hebrew word for fast means to put your hand over your mouth and to cover your mouth. When your mouth is covered, nothing unholy can come out and nothing unclean can go in. It's time to call a solemn fast. Wait . . . not one we call ourselves to, but the one He's chosen.

This 27-minute video:
  • Illustrates prophetic wisdom for pastors to abandon the building funds and acquire property Yehovah's way
  • Challenges and calls leaders to get disciplined in order to honor Father with one day per week of shutting in, fasting, and detoxing from all electronics (i.e., that means no online access, no cell phones, turn off the ringers, no texting) and all human access (no errand running, no fraternizing)
  • Posture yourself to receive instructions concerning the fast Yehovah's  chosen for you
  • Receive and maintain deliverance via fasting and praying
  • Lead others into an extended fast
This video ends mechanical fasting (i.e., you know, going through the fasting motions without your heart being in it) and ushers leaders into the powerful yoke-breaking results of the chosen fast. As led, we mentor five-fold leaders on how to go on and lead others into an extended fast (i.e., beyond seven days and no less than 40).

If you've been in a dry place seeking fresh wisdom, revelation, and guidance that comes from fasting, this video is earmarked for you. If you know He's called you to a fasted lifestyle like Prophetess Anna, your name is on this video. If you're planning to lead a group on an extended fast, watch this video before you do.


I have so much I could say about this video.  It truly blessed me.   I have looked at it more than once.  I plan to continue to watch and listen to it periodically.  Actually, it prepares your mind, body, and spirit for the fast Father's chosen.  The teaching and the examples are solid, rich, powerful, and timely.  So many 5-fold ministry and marketplace leaders need to turn down their plates and close their mouths for the greater good of their souls' salvation in order to bear good fruit in soil that is not tampered or smoked out by the enemy.  I am moved by the scripture references as well.  My favorite is the reference of the meaning of fast - to "cover the mouth".  This spoke volumes to me and led me to close and cover my mouth and tongue from anything negative, complaining, and self-serving.  I am a new person because of the video and the chosen fast.  I have never been able to discipline flesh.  I experienced much grace on the chosen fast, and I'm believing to eat solely for nourishment once the fast is over.   I am overjoyed by the message, the course, the lessons, and scripture readings.  Thank you for being a pillar in this area.
- Prophet C.


This video comes with study notes and a prophetic challenge assignment.

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