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Leadership FITness E-book
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Leadership FITness E-book
Leadership FITness E-book
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We are excited about the FITness journey you are about to embark on.

With this e-book you will:

  • Unleash fitness in every area of your life--physical, financial, and spiritual--just to name a few
  • Be challenged to look at fitness from a revolutionary perspective
  • Confront your current fitness paradigm and come to grips with a new fitness paradigm
  • Uncover and leverage fitness myths that keep you out of shape
I guarantee those who apply the revelation, wisdom, strategies, and FITness challenges in this e-book will begin to live life in a fuller way.

Picture yourself reaping the benefits of living a fuller, healthier life.
You will:
  • Be "take a 2nd look at me" fit
  • Have supernatural energy and strength
  • Love what you see when you look in the mirror (without hesitation or reservation)
  • Manage your finances and balance your books with galvanized effort
  • Avoid the” do this, that, and the other” to become rich and wealthy and dodge all the financial schemes and lies
  • Sidestep falling into the trap of being consumed with how much you weigh and learn what the number on the scale really means
  • Build your new wardrobe with little to no money
  • Shift into actually being full of His Spirit versus being full of some of you and some of Him
  • Radiate with the glow of being fit
This e-book will teach you:
  • What the number on the scale really means and how frequently you should weigh in
  • How to restock your pantry based on your new level of fitness
  • The connection between healthy hair, skin, and nails in a new, fresh, and unheard of way
  • The best time for you to exercise
  • About more resources than you’ll ever need to maintain Fullness In the Temple
  • The truth about Christians and vegetarianism as well as the 5 types of vegetarians
  • Strategies to navigate even the most dysfunctional and demonic relationships with your family (both biological and spiritual) with grace, revelation, and the fullness of the gospel of Christ
  • How to experience career fitness whether in ministry or the marketplace
  • Values to live by in order to maintain weight loss and experience fullness in your temple
  • Environmental guidelines to de-clutter and de-stress your atmosphere to ensure the fullness of the gospel of Christ is operating at all times in every setting you find yourself
  • And so much more . . .
This book removes sickness and disease and postures you to live a healthy full life in Christ in every area.

"A simplified, bare bones, free lifestyle of super foods and super nutrition will redeem and in some instances supernaturally accelerate your time, beloved. Blessed learning and enviable eats!" - Karen M. Pina, Your Fullness Coach

"Need more information? Register for an Infosession."

Karen teaches an intro to experiencing fullness in your temple course as a prelude to the book. Go here for more information and to register.

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~ Bonus ~

Make a donation for the e-book and instantly receive 30 days of FITness tips emailed directly to your inbox.

In this bonus you'll discover:

  • The safest water to drink
  • The only healthy alternative to soda
  • How to kick the caffeine habit without withdrawal symptoms
  • Why you need to throw your alarm clock away . . . for good
  • How to finally build your emergency fund- Hint: with money you already have!

Pina Enterprises/Karen M. Pina ask you to respect the copyright on this e-book by avoiding the temptation to share it with others. Instead, recommend the e-book to your friends and leaders by sending them to this site.



"New names, faces, and methods come on the Christian scene daily. Some of the new discoveries are short-lived and mediocre at best. However, there are other names, faces, and methods that are fresh, favored, and highly effective for the body of Christ. Karen's work in Leadership FITness is one of those fresh waves. The e-book uncovers foundational truths of a holistic approach to fullness and completeness. I highly recommend this e-book and say buy it and get on board to living your life to the fullest."

- Dr. C.L. Stallworth

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