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Introduction to the Fullness of Christ (Audio Course)
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Introduction to the Fullness of Christ (Audio Course)
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Audio Course Description:

This audio course teaches leaders how to be full of the gospel of Christ. A
lso, this course fully explains and provides a preview of the concept of the Leadership FITness – Experiencing Fullness In the Temple e-book. The course will help those who are considering picking up a copy of the book to determine if it’s the right strategy for them and to outfit those who are looking for strategic answers with a new fitness paradigm for their health, fitness, and wellness journey. You can listen in to this audio class at your leisure and learn about the concept of satiety. 

Course Delivery: audio course (mp3 file and pdf manual) 
This class is for those who don't have the time to attend the one-to-one class offering. 

Course Length:  1.25 hours

Course Outcomes:

This course:
  • Reveals the fullness of Christ in a practical, yet revelatory way
  • Paints a vivid picture of spiritual fullness
  • Exposes why leaders in the body of Christ are so empty
  • Outlines the heart of the Father to position His leaders to receive and experience the fullness of Christ in every area of their lives
  • Provides a preview of the Leadership FITness – Experiencing Fullness In the Temple e-book
  • Challenges ministry and business leaders to shift out of old fitness paradigms into a new posture of true fullness, satiation, and satisfaction
  • Sets free from the sin of overeating and gluttony and positions leaders to be supernaturally full
  • Teaches you how to silence the voice of the flesh and the enemy that seduces you to be overweight, fat, and unfit in the various areas of your life
Audience:  Five-fold ministry and business leaders who are struggling with physical, financial, spiritual, environmental, career, and relationship fitness and desire to step into experiencing the fullness of Christ in their temples.

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